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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Sticky: Massive Unscheduled Downtime: 9/3/12 8:46pm - 9/10/12 7:45pm EDT 16,744  75  Cary  09/16/2014 10:10PM 
Last Post by DRAEKMRTN
Sticky: Welcome to Fairfax Underground! [New users read this first]    Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 All 357,692  459  Cary  08/20/2014 01:45PM 
Last Post by Hungry4PizzaOffline
20 cops and a helicopter at low income housing behind old Kmart? 117  joebryant  09/16/2014 11:27PM 
Last Post by Smoky
Voter Fraud in VA -- mostly Democrats 626  84  DontVoteTwiceLibs  09/16/2014 11:23PM 
Last Post by What don't you understand about
c-span.org:can't watch now unless you have a cable subscription 145  14  crawl of cthulhurt  09/16/2014 11:13PM 
Last Post by YnjND
TJHSST to Close? 779  20  Overpopulated STEM Careers  09/16/2014 11:12PM 
Last Post by Success or Failure
**** LOOKING for Weed Dealer ****    Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8 All 33,651  727  novadudeee  09/16/2014 11:11PM 
Last Post by GOT WEED!
The Lamb Center 3220 Old Lee Highway    Pages: 1 ... 46 47 48 All 119,637  4,789  an innocent victim  09/16/2014 11:10PM 
Last Post by The Homeless MFer
N A T S NATS NATS NATS 89  It's not Football season yet!  09/16/2014 11:09PM 
Last Post by GNAT
In Fairfax County, an influx of immigrants has wide-ranging effects 789  39  Immigration in Fairfax  09/16/2014 10:57PM 
Last Post by Libtards should be taxed
Got a 1999 Ford Winstar that overheats (only) when going over 50mph 222  22  Anyone good with cars?  09/16/2014 10:54PM 
Last Post by GWU SEAS '81
Hayfield New Principal 177  kitty1972  09/16/2014 10:50PM 
Last Post by Wow!
AAU 17U/18U 85  dbrouchard  09/16/2014 10:44PM 
Last Post by prep school?
Construction boom 1988 burke lake 327  Krista wigfall  09/16/2014 10:36PM 
Last Post by Cint Verf
18-year-old West Potomac Grad -U.Va. student Hannah Graham reported missing, community concerned 1,386  41  Trft  09/16/2014 10:34PM 
Last Post by Joel Cambot
The Mike O'Meara Show    Pages: 1 ... 452 453 454 All 2,122,181  45,353  WashingToneLocian  09/16/2014 10:13PM 
Last Post by exffx
LEVELL CRAWFORD 44  DRAEKMRTN  09/16/2014 10:09PM 
Last Post by DRAEKMRTN
High School Football 2014    Pages: 1 2 3 4 All 21,048  333  Johnny Manziel  09/16/2014 10:02PM 
Last Post by BS Flag
Old pictures of Fairfax county, love em!    Pages: 1 ... 34 35 36 All 264,013  3,577  Kings Parker  09/16/2014 09:54PM 
Last Post by DH
Middle Aged Fat Hispanic Sluts - Cecilia [redacted], Paola [redacted], Silvia [redacted] and Jeanette [redacted]    Pages: 1 2 All 10,992  133  Fat Hispanic Slut Lover  09/16/2014 09:44PM 
Last Post by I have drip dick
MISSING: 49-year-old Virginia man, Ismail Elmas, from Vienna 1,100  20  BOLO.  09/16/2014 09:32PM 
Last Post by Bump sit bump
Megan the cray cray lady    Pages: 1 2 3 4 All 10,031  362  Megan Toohey of Chantilly  09/16/2014 09:29PM 
Last Post by bigolballs
THE FAIRFAX COUNTY JAIL 789  17  Appalled  09/16/2014 09:16PM 
Last Post by a deputy is...
Ridiculous fine for speeding 387  19  FfxSucks  09/16/2014 09:15PM 
Last Post by oiuy
Fred Smoot is a FUNNY MOTHERFUCKER 205  WingNut  09/16/2014 09:08PM 
Last Post by Tommy Thompson
Falls Church Serial Rapist Getting Released 4,776  72  WorriedinFallsChurch  09/16/2014 09:07PM 
Last Post by dbmg2005
Old Brick House with Skull Painted on It 335  AJ3000  09/16/2014 08:41PM 
Last Post by AJ3000
Reston Thug Charges with Stabbing at PA College 210  DMV Observers.  09/16/2014 08:40PM 
Last Post by Boot Canp
Firefighter sacked for screwing volunteer    Pages: 1 2 3 All 9,346  205  Albert  09/16/2014 08:38PM 
Last Post by Winterized
Mystery Objects in Skys Over NOVA and DC Suburbs? Military Blimps? 212  Two Ships?  09/16/2014 08:21PM 
Last Post by ohweshoisfuckednow
FCPS is no longer number 1 310  fcps keeps going down  09/16/2014 07:51PM 
Last Post by fcps keeps going down
democrats trying to kill me: not yet but getting there 377  29  dr. no  09/16/2014 07:29PM 
Last Post by Gee whiz
Big O and Dukes coming back?    Pages: 1 ... 83 84 85 All 275,188  8,407  VA Phins Fan  09/16/2014 07:23PM 
Last Post by peekza
COX installing today ... 355  12  si espanol TV network  09/16/2014 07:20PM 
Last Post by Hehehe
Steve K2's HS Football Lines 1,966  63  steve k2  09/16/2014 06:51PM 
Last Post by P@tri0t Dist fan
I sold so much acid in the 80's 344  Sid  09/16/2014 06:47PM 
Last Post by ohiooooo dan deacon
[VID] - FCPD seizing cash and one mans business, full interview 100  Not cray cray like Svennestle  09/16/2014 05:54PM 
Last Post by Not cray cray like Svennestle
100+ sick kids absent from school today (9/15) 868  19  Sickboy  09/16/2014 05:47PM 
Last Post by CyVY7
Does anyone think Barbara Comstock is sexy? 371  just wondering  09/16/2014 05:27PM 
Last Post by hoser
Acclaimed Plumbing Services DO NOT USE 3,987  58  Acclaimed Services  09/16/2014 05:13PM 
Last Post by aparyingcustomer
Milk and Cookies with Yost 103  Bill Bob  09/16/2014 05:04PM 
Last Post by Bill Bob
Who are Famous Fairfax County Hispanics? 2,539  53  YEP  09/16/2014 04:45PM 
Last Post by It already went around .
Warning: Do not hire Mimi Diaz Torres 2,027  43  Dr's office  09/16/2014 04:36PM 
Last Post by Yikes!
I-66 East covered in Urine and Feces???? 839  15  i-66 West Driver  09/16/2014 04:35PM 
Last Post by More facts
Why Annandale? 267  KHEEEE  09/16/2014 04:28PM 
Last Post by Hui Hong Chang
Another male coach assaulting young girls    Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8 All 25,191  729  Time to ban men from coaching  09/16/2014 04:17PM 
Last Post by easier
Bumper sticker for turds 422  15  GC  09/16/2014 03:23PM 
Last Post by NOVA.Drivers
I am amazed by how many people drive BMW's in Fairfax County    Pages: 1 2 All 2,220  104  Amazed  09/16/2014 02:52PM 
Last Post by LetsRock
Marlow Talley arrested 5,057  65  Not surprised  09/16/2014 02:41PM 
Last Post by What?
How is Harris teeter so popular and hip? 845  32  Hungry4Pizza  09/16/2014 02:37PM 
Last Post by YNTcU
How come my criminal history didn't show up in background check? 34,572  89  Happy Intentions  09/16/2014 02:23PM 
Last Post by Zane
Don Geronimo Show 1,784  26  dredscott  09/16/2014 02:09PM 
Last Post by peekza
Live Music? 106  New to NOVA  09/16/2014 02:09PM 
Last Post by Local Music
Creepy Guy in Haymarket (former FCPD?) 3,538  71  Conflicted  09/16/2014 02:08PM 
Last Post by peekza
Obamacare To Cancel Health Plans For 250,000 Virginians 791  55  DMV Observers.  09/16/2014 02:00PM 
Last Post by KGu4P
GMU Students Support ISIS 587  11  Every Religion Has Their Moments  09/16/2014 01:58PM 
Last Post by JL3hn
So exactly how many women have gone missing in central Virginia without much media attention over the past few years? 184  Serial Killer?  09/16/2014 01:51PM 
What qualifications do you need to hold public office around here? 2,732  60  ConcernedCitizen  09/16/2014 01:49PM 
Last Post by GmLWD
is this company legit 16,018  83  on the job  09/16/2014 01:01PM 
Kirk Cousins 803  28  Kirk Cameron  09/16/2014 12:26PM 
Last Post by Jykjt
Fairfax County Officer Berling's Son Steals Cop Car/Fires Gun    Pages: 1 2 All 10,097  195  Brandon Berling  09/16/2014 11:56AM 
Last Post by Thebestgossip
Danny Gatton Remembered 20 years Later 412  10  Danny Gatton Fan  09/16/2014 11:32AM 
Last Post by New Gatton Fan
MS-13 Gang stabbing in Herndon off of Elden St. 420  Herndon Local  09/16/2014 11:04AM 
Last Post by FXUeM
Karen Garza drinks the kool aid - FCPS Start Times 392  14  That's so Garza  09/16/2014 11:01AM 
Last Post by 7kxKj
New Regulations Could be Hard on Fairfax Child Care Providers 679  15  Mitt - The Political Lapdog!  09/16/2014 10:10AM 
Last Post by parent of three
FCPS Three Point Plan for HS Desegregation 1,059  25  SLEEP on this  09/16/2014 09:38AM 
Last Post by 3JtnP
American Ninja Warrior 152  Jake69  09/16/2014 09:36AM 
Last Post by obvious
FCPS Transportation Budget Well Funded 74  FCPS Transportation Budget  09/16/2014 09:35AM 
Last Post by FCPS Transportation Budget
GMU students support ISIS (VID) 187  PROPHET MUHAMMED  09/16/2014 09:35AM 
Last Post by Libs gone lib
Centreville Football 2014 3,051  67  NovaFootballfan  09/16/2014 09:06AM 
Last Post by cvillebacker
SLEEP Political Lies Continue 1,240  78  More Than Fed Up  09/16/2014 08:52AM 
Last Post by More Buses = Higher Taxes
"Trey" Taylor fired as football coach from Robinson...    Pages: 1 2 3 All 17,729  201  Steve Buckhands  09/16/2014 07:48AM 
Last Post by AppleSauce703
Lung disease found in fairfax NOW 2,142  97  lungs  09/16/2014 07:30AM 
Last Post by wLpJ7
Dr Games puts out a Polka album 39  Dr Harry Reasoner  09/16/2014 07:08AM 
Last Post by Dr Harry Reasoner
How many illegal immigrant children have flooded FCPS schools since school started? 1,388  28  Concerned Taxpayer  09/16/2014 06:45AM 
Last Post by stephen e. hansen
Anyone see the Fireball in the sky Sunday at 11 PM? 183  Bright Bulb  09/16/2014 06:44AM 
Last Post by Armageddon It
Lockup Fairfax on MSNBC on right now! Channel 1067 2,123  49  Ex Inmate  09/16/2014 03:41AM 
Last Post by Y. U. Trollme
TLC (the lamb center)    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 20,955  593  PJGTJ  09/15/2014 11:39PM 
Last Post by JUMP NIGG RABBIT! Higher!
Meth heads in FFX    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 24,524  523  Walterwhitejr  09/15/2014 11:38PM 
Last Post by JUMP NIGG RABBIT! Higher!
Metrowest prices 3,835  67  Interested Buyer  09/15/2014 11:34PM 
Last Post by Pulte Syndicate
T-Mobile outage in 22152? 120  keep their phones ringin  09/15/2014 10:17PM 
Last Post by Homie D Clown
Va. doctor prescribed pain killers with no check-ups 1,314  29  The Neighborhood Watch!  09/15/2014 10:04PM 
Last Post by I'm Lisa
Are All the FOX5 New Reporters Gay? 375  12  HUmm  09/15/2014 09:57PM 
Last Post by Anderson Pooper
Old Indian dude taking a shit behind Stone Road Centreville Giant 4,328  80  I need to move  09/15/2014 09:32PM 
Last Post by totten torqued
Fairfax Trucking Sex Offenders 5,440  41  zoomzoom  09/15/2014 09:05PM 
Last Post by DenT4
Are there any Islamic Extremists here now ? 613  35  LouderThanHell  09/15/2014 08:40PM 
Last Post by Pig blood is the antidote.
Barbara Comstock: 9/14 Still WINNING! 210  13  WHINEY ASS PROGTARD  09/15/2014 08:22PM 
Last Post by Just saying...
Help for Vaginismus 165  Practical Advice  09/15/2014 07:43PM 
Last Post by Practical Advice
2 of them are gay pedophiles, can you point them out? 488  13  Facials for boyz  09/15/2014 07:21PM 
Last Post by Take a hike, dorko
How did the Board of Supervisors sneak 1,023 illegal children into Fairfax County this summer? 860  34  School Insecurity  09/15/2014 06:57PM 
Last Post by Welcome
Northern Virginia sucks 4,801  97  Mohammed  09/15/2014 05:50PM 
Last Post by bunghole
Seth Comstock    Pages: 1 2 All 6,809  121  carlos  09/15/2014 05:25PM 
Last Post by Skippy2Rad:)
Anyone know FFX historical property tax rates? 687  Curious to know...  09/15/2014 05:22PM 
Last Post by mentally ill (R)etards
I am not college ready after attending a School in FCPS 1,788  55  Student  09/15/2014 04:54PM 
Last Post by dyUHd
RG3 and Dushawn Jackson out already 737  59  Fuck an A, Skins!  09/15/2014 04:39PM 
Last Post by M Ingrando
Last Post by 6NYuM
GMU advertising loans to illegals in news: see 638  14  dream of facism money sex  09/15/2014 04:25PM 
Last Post by YKmhM
Need a Vet for Our Pet Gerbil 242  10  GerbilDr  09/15/2014 04:21PM 
Last Post by seventy
GameStop Chantilly Crossing. 287  Fat Guy  09/15/2014 04:10PM 
Last Post by NeoGeo
NY,NY CA Fargo conspire: $2 fuel filter now $31 at home depot. repost due to vandalism 206  21  NY,NY CA Fargo conspire: $2  09/15/2014 04:09PM 
Last Post by tMjk9
Anal thumb 440  Skeet Skeet  09/15/2014 03:49PM 
Last Post by WD7Lp
SC cop shoots 70 yr disabled man, expired sticker pullover 458  19  please explain  09/15/2014 03:41PM 
Last Post by GKm9Y
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