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Welcome to Fairfax Underground, a project site designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County, VA. Feel free to post anything Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.
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Sticky: Personal attacks and attempted outing    Pages: 1 ... 8 9 10 All 117,410  964  Cary  06/28/2017 02:37AM 
Last Post by eesh
Meade Chat: Uber Eats 90  17  MeadeDaze  06/28/2017 03:00AM 
Last Post by not happening anyway
Lizzie completes second week - approaches Hump Day    Pages: 1 ... 52 53 54 All 59,317  5,323  lizzie the convict  06/28/2017 02:59AM 
Last Post by so, is hammie still coming by?
Megan the cray cray lady    Pages: 1 ... 97 98 99 All 226,991  9,831  Megan Toohey of Chantilly  06/28/2017 02:50AM 
Last Post by eesh
The most obnoxious stereotypical SJW.. I thought this was a joke 57  11  Twilight Zone  06/28/2017 02:50AM 
Last Post by Cascade Curtain
Trump’s “No one will lose coverage” is turning out to be the worst campaign promise since “Read my lips.” 73  covfefe  06/28/2017 02:29AM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
FFXU STD Awareness Month 80  Tell Your Daughters & Sons  06/28/2017 02:28AM 
Last Post by Do the Conga
Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe ( husband of VA libtard politician Jill McCabe ) is under criminal investigation 98  Are you a libtard too?  06/28/2017 02:28AM 
Last Post by Inquisitive One
You can get weed delivered to your door in D.C. just like pizza. But is it legal? 51  D.C. District of Cannabis Dabber  06/28/2017 02:22AM 
Last Post by eesh
There's a Cricket in the Laundry Room 18  eesh  06/28/2017 02:20AM 
Last Post by Well, drown it.
Alt Right Nazi idiot shows up at pro gun rally with a bunch of Pepe the Frog shit, gets manhandled and kicked out. 32  Gerrymanderer2  06/28/2017 02:16AM 
Last Post by Htvyp
The Mike O'Meara Show    Pages: 1 ... 859 860 861 All 3,364,657  86,097  WashingToneLocian  06/28/2017 02:13AM 
Last Post by Anxious in Arizona
Meade Skelton's new weight loss blog... 496  74  CircusVargus  06/28/2017 02:07AM 
Last Post by Now Gretchen
Whites should bow down to their masters 71  Mike O'Meara Show Fan  06/28/2017 02:06AM 
Last Post by eesh
Coup underway to overthrow Bolshevist government in Venezuela 70  Hans Huckibein  06/28/2017 02:04AM 
Last Post by eesh
Have you ever tried to jerk off with your non-jerking off hand? 128  jerkz  06/28/2017 01:38AM 
Last Post by BEH
Kurdish sniper giggles after ISIS terrorist’s bullet misses her head by INCHES 109  HWWEC  06/28/2017 01:36AM 
Last Post by BEH
Attention Libtards - The 'tax breaks' to 'millionaires and billionaires' that you're whining about in the Republican healthcare bill... 105  29  FFXU PSA  06/28/2017 01:36AM 
Last Post by DBCND
Blacks are at WAR and we will WIN 90  Mike O'Meara Show Fan  06/28/2017 01:17AM 
Last Post by BEH
Niggers and Muslims complain upcoming ww2 film Dunkirk is "too white" 40  Jigaboo jones  06/28/2017 01:16AM 
Last Post by well, Yasmin has it right...
Trump Campaign Director Paul Manafort joins Flynn today in retroactively filing as a foreign agent. 39  Gerrymanderer2  06/28/2017 12:40AM 
Last Post by Kkyyx
So CNN promoted Fake News and led to tensions with a nation with nuclear arms? 107  13  Turn Off CNN  06/28/2017 12:19AM 
Last Post by CNN = very fake news
Emerson once said this about folks like Hillary 94  10  mitskie  06/28/2017 12:02AM 
Last Post by Ctnbk
Police Destroy Evidence, Frame Inmate in Beating of Peter Tosh's Son 54  VoteStrike  06/27/2017 11:37PM 
Last Post by Gayvid_Blimmo
Hot or Not: Marie Harf 884  Ralph Pootawn  06/27/2017 11:31PM 
Last Post by Dir. T. E. Sanchez
Is everyone getting a good laugh at Gerrymanderer2 tonight? 286  77  The LoLz never stop!  06/27/2017 11:27PM 
Last Post by here's the thing
We need single-payer just like California proposed! 33  Math is fun  06/27/2017 11:00PM 
Last Post by Math is fun
Covfefe should be banned! 114  11  no more covfefe  06/27/2017 11:00PM 
Last Post by Fuck covfefe
JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming 77  VoteStrike  06/27/2017 10:57PM 
Last Post by Chicken little
Trump admits that Senate Republicans may not pass Obamacare repeal bill, 'and that's okay' 46  covfefe  06/27/2017 10:55PM 
Last Post by Rav E Coyote
Libtards have completely destroyed the credibility of media in this country 33  Congrats Libtards!  06/27/2017 10:52PM 
Last Post by MSM = LIARS
I Don't Think Blacks Understand The Internet 124  Let's Post Our Faces!  06/27/2017 10:48PM 
Last Post by Ravi
CNN has mentioned "Russia" 16,000 times since Trump has been in office 51  Supervisor of Producers CNN  06/27/2017 10:47PM 
Last Post by CNN = very fake news
On-Camera Press Briefings ‘Aren’t Really Necessary’ 36  Stupid Trump! LOLOLLOL  06/27/2017 10:35PM 
Last Post by Stupid Trump! LOLOLLOL
19th Obamacare Co-Op Folds, Leaving Only 4 Operating in 2018 54  Muh Legacy  06/27/2017 10:30PM 
Last Post by The Idea Man
Senate GOP yanks Obamacare repeal bill 44  covfefe  06/27/2017 10:23PM 
Last Post by Desperation is
US defence officials 'have no idea’ why White House made statement on possible Syrian chemical attack 79  10  covfefe  06/27/2017 10:18PM 
Last Post by 400,000 Dead Syrians
Bernie Sanders tries to weasel talk his way out of questions about his wife's bank fraud investigation 46  Bernie "the Weasel" Sanders  06/27/2017 10:18PM 
Last Post by Bernie going to jail
Foods Your Bowels Dont Want    Pages: 1 ... 90 91 92 All 139,297  9,174  Blooming Onion  06/27/2017 10:13PM 
Last Post by Bowel Buster
Hey Gerry... 65  @realDonaldTrump  06/27/2017 09:54PM 
Last Post by Gerrytardin'
BUSTED ON VIDEO: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullshit" 128  16  Yes, we already knew it  06/27/2017 09:50PM 
Last Post by CNN = very fake news
FBI Russia Collusion-Mueller Starts Connecting Money WIth Russia and Kushner 65  Well well well  06/27/2017 09:48PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Canadian World Record Sniper - Raised in Socialized Single Payer Health Care System 79  10  Pink Mist  06/27/2017 09:40PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) was just found in 75% of drinking water... 44  thrterrf  06/27/2017 09:31PM 
Last Post by thrterrf
RUMOR: Jeff Bezos to reverse Whole Foods’ promise to label GMOs on everythin 32  retrtrttrrt  06/27/2017 09:29PM 
Last Post by retrtrttrrt
US Navy Building Hypercarrier USS Donald J. Trump 101  New Generation  06/27/2017 09:21PM 
Last Post by Will it be coal powered
Palin sues NY Times over editorial tying her to Giffords shooting 46  That'll teach the failing NYT  06/27/2017 09:21PM 
Last Post by As my boss said
US spy agencies secretly surveil Republican Presidential candidate    Pages: 1 2 All 1,733  191  The Real Reporter  06/27/2017 08:58PM 
Last Post by The Real Reporter
S&P 500 -19.69 DOW 30 -98.89 Nasdaq -100.53 30  VoteStrike  06/27/2017 08:51PM 
Last Post by VoteStrike
Another crazy libtard arrested for terrorist threats 66  More libtard terrorism  06/27/2017 08:31PM 
Last Post by KKKillary KKKlinton
Illinois is about to seize all state pension funds, 120  10  gonewithhthewind  06/27/2017 08:27PM 
Last Post by wtvxx
comstock wants to put ffu in jail ! 151  11  rinos worse than dems  06/27/2017 08:18PM 
Last Post by Is She really a dude?
Trump University Lawsuit To Be Resettled For More 29  Roh Ruh  06/27/2017 08:17PM 
Last Post by Roh Ruh
Virginia is about to reap the rewards of Virginia NORML's hard work. 53  NEW VIRGINIA MARIJUANA CAR LAW!!  06/27/2017 08:07PM 
Last Post by SB1091 It had bipartisan support
The Smell Of Marijuana Should Not Be A Death Sentence 32  rest in peace Philando Castile  06/27/2017 07:50PM 
Last Post by rest in peace Philando Castile
Black woman attacks white restaurant owner over fried chicken 414  25  g2g2  06/27/2017 07:33PM 
Last Post by have they been caught yet?
Current President Trump Under FBI & Congressional Investigation on Multiple Fronts 47  D'OHnald the Most Investigated  06/27/2017 07:04PM 
Last Post by Meet the Sheeple
N. Carolina man sentenced in foiled IS-inspired shooting 60  Bubba sucker  06/27/2017 06:53PM 
Last Post by Gunlover
Georgia passes anti illegal immigrant laws. Their crops are left unpicked in their fields rotting. 174  16  Gerrymanderer2  06/27/2017 06:49PM 
Last Post by Gunlover
POLL: Since Hillary has a lot of time on her hands, should she do charity work or something positive? 412  37  Trump Stumped the Chumps  06/27/2017 06:43PM 
Last Post by Who needs libtards?
Dem Senator says she never met Russians when actually she went to a black tie dinner at one's house 48  Dem hypocrisy  06/27/2017 06:14PM 
Last Post by Dem hypocrisy
Trump Now Says Russians Did Hack Election but It's Obama Fault that He Won 149  16  You Can't Make This Up  06/27/2017 06:04PM 
Last Post by you are stupid
How long until the user known as Gerrymanderer2 is arrested and deported? 307  14  ICE watcher  06/27/2017 05:19PM 
Last Post by Gerry is Ravi
Crash that may send Dow down...17,000 points 79  VoteStrike  06/27/2017 05:09PM 
Last Post by Thomas Jefferson
Gerry is a speed racer    Pages: 1 2 All 1,459  139  Gerry's going home  06/27/2017 05:07PM 
Last Post by Gerry is a Paki terrorist
Travel Ban Reinstated! 292  31  TheTroof  06/27/2017 05:06PM 
Last Post by dedddy
Bitcoin plunges nearly 20 percent after record run 42  VoteStrike  06/27/2017 05:03PM 
Last Post by VoteStrike
Oil tumbles into biggest first-half slide in 20 years 34  VoteStrike  06/27/2017 05:01PM 
Last Post by VoteStrike
Bankruptcy guru Edward Altman sees similarities to 2007 in the credit market today 37  VoteStrike  06/27/2017 04:58PM 
Last Post by VoteStrike
Republican Health Care Bill Saves $321 Billion 72  10  CBO  06/27/2017 04:55PM 
Last Post by Gerrymanderer2
Why do redneck white women always do this? 186  Evolution in Reverse  06/27/2017 04:54PM 
Last Post by deathproof
Senate Now Move to TrumpCare 4.0 After TrumpCare Fails to Make it to Floor for a Vote 74  17  It's a No Go Again  06/27/2017 04:52PM 
Last Post by repealing is hard
Donald Trump is an ignorant fuck. 246  23  mile stone  06/27/2017 04:46PM 
Last Post by bumptard
What Have We Here? OBAMA COLLUDED WITH THE RUSSIANS LIBTARDS! 145  16  Libtarded  06/27/2017 04:43PM 
Last Post by Rav E Coyote
Gerrymanderer2 has a peace offering for you 78  Hans Huckibein  06/27/2017 04:39PM 
Last Post by Goatfuckerer2
3 Chicago police officers indicted in Laquan McDonald case (shooting of a 17 year old) 51  Windy City Politics  06/27/2017 04:33PM 
Last Post by stupid criminal nigger
Its because of people like Gerrymandere2 that drugs cant be legal 29  Thanks a_holes!  06/27/2017 04:30PM 
Last Post by Thanks a_holes!
Text Dr for PAIN & SLEEPING PILLS @ 310 307 1463 34  vgfrt  06/27/2017 03:40PM 
Last Post by vgfrt
Glenn Greenwald destroys CNN and the rest of the #FakeNews mainstream media's Russia circle jerk obsession 52  #FakeNews  06/27/2017 03:37PM 
Last Post by hey, I know that guy
Last Post by eesh
Senate GOP postpones healthcare vote 59  trumptard failz  06/27/2017 03:00PM 
Last Post by I'm an adult
The gorgeous Dawn Allison 29,798  84  buttman  06/27/2017 02:55PM 
Last Post by Interesting Fem
LOOSE LIPS SINK SLIPS IN CANADA 84  36IL78I  06/27/2017 02:51PM 
Last Post by 36IL78I
No Ramadan dinner at the White house. MAGA!! 194  16  donalddic  06/27/2017 02:50PM 
Last Post by Lold
Facebook to become left-wing propaganda echo chamber 35  p898oy;;  06/27/2017 02:42PM 
Last Post by p898oy;;
Pike County Ohio Sheriff Warns of Gangs Targeting Snitches with Deadly Drug 71  Gerry ConMan  06/27/2017 02:22PM 
Last Post by rtgfdgf
TrumpCare 3.0 Dead on Arrival As More Senators Say Neah 108  11  No Go  06/27/2017 02:18PM 
Last Post by trrdfbgfg
Can't spell Democrat without using the word RAT & can't spell Republican without the words PUB & CAN! 35  Clifford Claven  06/27/2017 02:16PM 
Last Post by Harry Limecock
My roommate brought home a woman from a bar last night and she passed out on the couch. 155  I just couldn't help myself.  06/27/2017 02:16PM 
Last Post by No worries there
USA: a Nation that First Sold "Zip Ties", now without any zip ties 58  fuck off NY,NY china  06/27/2017 02:12PM 
Last Post by fuck off NY,NY china
This hot piece of ass moved to Baltimore 131  mdgirl  06/27/2017 02:11PM 
Last Post by mdgirl
Donald Trump cloud spotted over Chicago this weekend.    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 All 3,777  524  Do you believe in miracles?  06/27/2017 02:09PM 
Last Post by r.w.s.jr.
Legalized marijuana is making it harder for police to search your car. Some departments could face financial difficulties as a result. 35  fuck the police fuck the police  06/27/2017 02:09PM 
Last Post by fuck the police fuck the police
Does anyone else on here want to rail Jenny Jones (old talk show host and foodie gal) even though she's like 71 now. 98  She's still hot for an old lady  06/27/2017 02:08PM 
Last Post by Fuckning Splelcheck
David Trinnes no longer with the Leiser Law Firm? 346  40  First Alert  06/27/2017 01:57PM 
Last Post by meine kleine tootguy
Drive on: New Virginia law changes punishment for marijuana possession 60  New Virginia Cannabis laws begin  06/27/2017 01:44PM 
Last Post by Legalize all plants in America!
Muslim libtard running for Mayor OF NYC is a convicted sex offender 87  Can't make it up!  06/27/2017 01:35PM 
Last Post by Goatfuckerer2
William Moreno is a pedophile    Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 All 8,029  430  Sharon Moreno's son is a pedo  06/27/2017 01:11PM 
Last Post by That Damn Pep Again
This hot piece of ass moved to Baltimore 653  28  YA GYRL  06/27/2017 01:07PM 
Last Post by Watch 'er Weight
Trump is Losing it On Twitter 59  You Can't Make this Up  06/27/2017 12:42PM 
Last Post by 9PPJ
The nogs in PG County have the cops by the balls! 288  19  BLM owns the streets  06/27/2017 12:24PM 
Last Post by PG County = Wild West
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